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Shirt Art Requirements

Make all artwork to size.

Inks/Color and Shirts
  • Include a color comp/proof of what the final print should look like, if possible

  • Ink and shirt color/s must be specified

  • Colors should be Spot Colors (including White and Black ink) and should be chosen from the Pantone Coated guide or our stock inks. Contact us with any questions and an ink list.

  • Ink colors may shift on colored shirts. Some colors work better on dark shirts, but an underlay may be required for bright inks on dark colored shirts.

  • Avoid using the multiply blending mode to simulate overprinting (final results will differ dramatically).

Illustrator / Vector Artwork
  • Make art to size

  • Save file in .AI or .EPS format, CMYK color mode.

  • Convert all fonts to outlines

  • Convert all strokes to outlines

  • Include any imported or placed graphic files, or embed them

  • Avoid using Clipping Masks. Please use the Pathfinder tool instead.

Photoshop / Raster Artwork
  • Vector artwork strongly preferred

  • Make art to size

  • Save file in .PSD or .TIF format, CMYK color mode

  • Separate colors into their own layers

  • File resolution should be at least 150dpi, but not over 600dpi

Type and Line Weight
  • Positive reading type: 8pt minimum font size (Varies on chosen typeface)

  • Knocked-out type: 12pt minimum font size (Varies on chosen typeface)

  • Positive reading lines: 1pt minimum stroke

  • Knocked-out lines: 2pt minimum stroke

Technical Specs
  • We will determine halftone size and angle

  • We aren't responsible for any errors or poor results caused by client-created halftones

  • Proof-read any copy (we aren't responsible for any mistakes in spelling after the garments are printed)

  • Avoid using any images from the internet without purchasing a license, if possible, to avoid copyright infringement

Bonus Points
  • Make each file on it's own layer (Ps and Ai)

  • Convert all strokes to outlines

  • Avoid using Clipping Masks (Pathfinder or shape-builder keeps shapes simple)




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